Uploading Files Via FTP Client Software

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a way to get access to files that anyone can download from a server on the internet. When our clients need information fast, we recommend using our FTP server to transfer files from the client to us, or vice versa.

Use the login information provided to you by your sales representative to gain access to our FTP server.

Basic FTP Instructions

Always compress files first before uploading them (.zip or .sit)

Use a FTP client software of your choice to upload/download files.

Download.com is one resource to find numerous FTP client softwares.

Safari web browser does not support uploading files to FTP.

Internet Explorer does not always keep the port connection open, which will result in corrupt or incomplete file transfers.

E-mailing files is not a reliable method of transferring files as they may become corrupt and often never reach their destination due to file size limits set by servers.

Do not email any files over 2MB

Any problems or questions should be directed to your sales representative.